Almost all teachers use a presentation tool for delivering their learning contents to the students. The most famous presentation tool usually used is Ms PowerPoint. Yeah, I think there’s no other tools compared to it ūüėÄ

But lately, some teachers need a new way to present their reports or learning contents differently. They need something new for their performance!! I myself tried to use another presentation tool, like Prezi, Haiku etc. But, I still get¬†confused using it ūüôĀ

My presentation about Sway in Mataram

Lately, Microsoft launched a web based interactive presentations named Sway. As I wrote on my previous post (My first Sway), I use Sway to deliver my learning contents and collaborate with the students. I share my ideas, reports, presentations, newsletter and my personal stories with images, videos, tweets, and even a chart included. I can do all things quickly and easily by dragging and dropping right in to my creation:D

You know, Sway provides any modern designs and navigation that we can use and customize, or we can create our own design. I did my own design by inserting some interactive images using GIF files. You can look out¬†my Sway with interactive videos and GIF files embedded.. ūüėÄ

On that sway, I created¬†my GIF file from a video that I created using Ms PowerPoint. Then, I converted it using BLINK¬†Cliplets Apps that I’ve downloaded from Windows Store.

It’s very simple to insert the GIF file on the¬†cards. I¬†only need to select Media>Picture from All Cards option, then upload the file and customize the layout.

You know.. by inserting a GIF file to sway, I¬†can make my¬†sway look more interactive and live! ūüėÄ I also can¬†share it easily to¬†my Facebook or Twitter using a single click. That’s cool, right? ūüėÄ

Using this link, I can share my Sway to the students and let them collaborate using this link also.

So, Sway could be one of presentation tools that you should try.. and be great and cool presenter using a Sway!!! ūüėÄ

Let’s get started!!!