My 1st day on Workshop Indonesia-Thailand Partnership Program

It’s always excited to be a part of SEAMOLEC programs, such as Workshop on Development of Partnership Activities Utilizing Collaborative E-Learning Tools, Indonesia-Thailand Vocational Partnership Program, which is still in progress now. This program is the continuation of the last year’s program. And now, I’m the one of the participants represent my school to join this program.

This year, the program is held in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand for 5 days start on 5-9 march 2013. There are about 60 teachers representative from both countries, Indonesia and Thailand.

After taking a long flight, now I’m in Thailand.. Actually, this is my first time to be abroad, especially in Thailand.

And during joining this program, we stay in V-One hotel of Korat, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. It’s excellent hotel with colorful design and delicious food. I like the meal served, especially the Soup Tom Yam Seafood. It’s spicy, but its tasted very delicious. I’m sure that one day you will have the same experience when you stay in that hotel. Hm..

The 1st session on the first day was opening ceremony by MC (I don’t know what her name is .. 🙂 ) and continued with some speeches, delivered by Mr. Sombat, as OVEC director, and Dr. Gatot Prijowirjanto as Director of SEAMOLEC described the goals of this program and introduced SEAEDUNET 2.0 and how to face and prepare teachers from both countries to get collaborative learning with ASEAN 2015.

Getting closed with collaborative learning tools using Edmodo conducted by Ms Anty Rismayanti and Ms Finita was the next session. She also explained and conducted us about what we were going to do for next 3 days. (That’s the point !! 🙂 ).

Of course, there would be many tasks waiting for us… We had to determine what subject we would collaborate with school partner, creating a collaboration class using edmodo, creating a project timeline, and never forgot to report everything we’ve done for 3 months…!

Hm…I think Ms Anty wouldn’t let us sleep soundly tonight!!

But before doing this tasks, the committee pleased us to refresh our mind by getting sightseeing to Nakhon Ratchasima market. Mrs. Prapatsiri Sinpaitoon guided us to the market, that sold everything about Thailand stuffs, such as some ornaments with white elephant on it. And of course we wouldn’t miss this chance..

So, I bought many souvenirs for my family and friends in my school… well, it’s shopping time!! 🙂

At 4 pm we continued our trip to Nakhon Ratchasima College to have “welcoming dinner” with all participants and Nakhon Ratchasima’s staff.

Entering the college, the staffs guided us to see the facilities of this college, such as Library, Language Learning center, Computer laboratory and so on..

Then, they displayed us the home industrial stuffs made by the students. There are many kinds of stuff produced.

Getting into convention hall, where the welcoming dinner going on, a beautiful song and a glass of orange juice welcomed us…

Welcoming dinner would be an excellent dinner with many meals, food and drinks. You could eat and drink anything
you wanted until you got satisfied! hm..

While we’re enjoy our dinner, the students of Nakhon College were dancing for us…

On the second dancing, they invited us to join with their dancing, and here we are… 🙂

After dancing, we felt hungry… so we had some more food…

Some audiences sang with the singer, here is the picture when Ms Anty sang “nothing gonna change my love for you”.

Time goes by, and we ended this dinner at 8pm. It’s time to go back to V-One Hotel and spending the night by sleeping for recharging our energy.

See you on 2nd day…

Khobkhun kah 🙂

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