The Talent Test of Jombang’s Guk Yuk Candidates

Today, I was attending the talent test of Jombang’s Guk-Yuk Program. Actually I’ve been here for accompanying my students that joining this program. They are Austin Fascal Iskandar, Revaldo and Nando.

The Guk-Yuk selection program is an annual program held by Dinas Pemuda Olah Raga Budaya Pariwisata (Disporabudpar) of Jombang district. And the main goal of this program is to get a Guk and Yuk of Jombang that introducing and promoting any potential cultures of Jombang. The Guk and Yuk are the name of the best youth of Jombang who will be the ambassador of tourism and culture of Jombang.

More than a hundred students toke part of this program from many schools and collages to be a candidate of Guk – Yuk of Jombang. They are not only having a good looking, but also having a great knowledge, fluent in speaking English and a good talent.

And today… they performed their talent in front of the judges. Some students showed their talent of traditional dancing, singing, reading a poem, speech, sports and many more. By this session all talents were well performed. They had at least 2 minutes for each perform.

Especially for my students, they  performed an English speech and sports. By this talent test, there will be 25 students of Guk and 25 students of Yuk selected for heading to the next step.
By the end of the test, the judge announced the result. And… my student, Austin Fascal Iskandar would be one of 25 Guk’s candidates. Alhamdulillah.. 😀

To let you know that 2 years ago, my student was 2nd winner of Jombang’s Yuk also. And hope this year we will be 1st winner of Jombang’s Guk, because my school only registered for The Guk..(we don’t have any stocks of Yuk.. :P).

Well.. See you on the next step of Jombang Guk-Yuk Selection Program.. 😀

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