Office 365 in KNGB 2014

A Blogger Teacher Conference (KNGB) 2014 has come On November! It was exactly in Campus C of Universitas Airlangga Surabaya.

KNGB (Konferensi Nasional Guru Blogger) is an annual program held by Direktorat Sistem Informasi (DSI) Unair, and It was 4th of KNGB that provided a seminar and workshop followed by some teachers from many schools around Surabaya, Sidoarjo and Gresik. Actually the outside district’s teachers could join in this event by online registering through its website,, like I did 😀

The topic of KNGB 2014 is Future Teacher, Future Leadership and it’s powered by Microsoft. This program has run for 2 days, it’s on Thursday 6th for Seminar and Friday 7th for workshop.

Some keynote speakers were from academics, gave a lot of experiences in educating, such as Munif Chatib, an author and education consultant. He opened this seminar by his speech about how to get a success in education. He delivered the topic well by playing any education games.

Sumber :

Then, the next speaker were Bukik Setiawan, The Director of Indonesia Bercerita, continued by Drs. Mustain, M.Pd.I, The head of Education Department of Sidoarjo and an inspiring teacher, Ibu Siti Romlah from Probolinggo that shared about how to establish teacher’s creativity and a leadership.

Closing the conference.. the committee of KNGB gave out some door prizes for the teachers randomly..

 It is me 😛

2nd day, the workshop was started at 8 o’clock, opened by the director of DSI, Dr. Soegianto Soelistiono, Ir., M.Si. Then, the session was run by Albert from Microsoft Indonesia who introduced us to office 365 and how to explore it.

You know, Office 365 is a software plus services offering that provides office applications based on cloud computing. So, to access it we must get connected to the internet. For business and enterprise users, Office 365 offers plans including e-mail and social networking services through hosted versions of Exchange Server, Lync, SharePoint and Office Web Apps, integration with Yammer, as well as accessing to the Office software.

 Albert in action 🙂

 By this meeting, each apps was well demonstrated by Albert while we were discussing how to apply this apps for teacher’s learning tools.

Truly, I myself, really interested to this application software. Office 365 provides a lot of services that ease us (especially teacher) to deliver materials to the students. And to get these apps for free we just join in organization or institution that cooperated with Microsoft.

Especially for us whom joined in this program (KNGB), we have an opportunity to get them for free. We only have to join in, and But.. all this services have just been able to be accessed in next year (2015)…hm.. 🙁

But, because of my curious, I tried to find the service in Office 2013…and… it was there.

Some apps can be used by downloading and installing it. One of the service that I like the most is Office Mix. Yeah.. Office mix provides many tools that help teachers manipulating their online material, so that it can be delivered to the students easily.

Here is the screenshot of office mix add ins that I’ve installed in my office 2013.

 An office mix toolbar

By this toolbar mix, I can record my presentation (just like I do through Wirecast software application – See my wirecast video here and the tutorial here). I can insert quizzes, record a screen capture,  insert screenshots from the Windows also.

Further more.. I can draw/type on my slides when I explain the materials to them (as I can do it through Big Blue Button – See more about Big Blue Button here). And…many more… 😀

 Office mix recording

Then, we can upload our lesson to the cloud (in OneDrive), share and play via any modern browsers.

Well.. It’s so wonderful, isn’t it? 😀

Next cool software apps are AutoCollage, Kodu, and Yammer!  AutoCollage allows us to create beautiful collages of our favorite pictures in a few clicks of a mouse. And… Yammer!! is a private microblogging and collaboration platform for enterprise social networking. When we use this application we can collaborate with our students (only the members who belong the same email domain).

For Yammer application.. I only can see Albert demonstrating and explaining it. ‘Cos I still don’t have the account.. 🙁

Well.. I think that it would be great to have this office 365! But.. I still have to least ’till next year.. 😀

Thanks KNGB UNAIR for this great program and opportunity.. I’ll see you next year.. 🙂


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