3th day in-Thailand

Well, what a great day! I got fried rice and omelet for breakfast welcoming the day.
This is my last day in Thailand.. But I still have many tasks from facilitators.. 🙁

Today I must apply the timeline to my virtual class. This is an easy thing Actually –about how to upload resources, give some assignments, quiz etc.- but too hard to choose some activities that make the students staying interactively in their class.

Using collaborative e-learning, types of resources should be served interestingly. We have to give some instructions clearly as well. So.. they know what they are going to do to the materials on their class.

But, usually teachers sent the materials to their virtual class and left the students reading it themselves without any explicit instructions or assignments. So the students just downloaded the materials and keep it. That’s what happens to my virtual class for now. Yeah… honestly, I’m not a great teacher! 🙁

But by joining this workshop, I learn how to make my virtual class more interactive, how to make them enjoying their class, I learned how to get my students collaborating and sharing their mind between their friends and teachers both Indonesia and Thailand.

Furthermore, now I understand how to give a constructing knowledge, how to negotiate and solve some problems through mutual engagement of two or more learners in a coordinated effort using Internet and electronic communications for their interaction. All activities are guided by great and excellent facilitators.. Ms Anty, Ms Finita, Ms Aline, Ms Cahya, Mr Dona from SEAMOLEC experts team. I thank to them..

Breaking time.. **time to jeprat-jepret, prize exchange**

Well, to get the materials, we played a simulation by using trial collaborative class after breaking time.

Some of us to be a teacher, co-teacher, and students. Then we collaborated by uploading some resources (flipped books, video, docs, web links etc.), giving some activities (assignment, quiz), giving feedback, and so on. Even tough some teachers didn’t do well, but we caught the point. We learned much!

Closing the session, The committee let us to have fun by going to the Mall. but it was not my time because my bag was full 🙂

So, it’s better for me to wrap my stuff up and take a rest for a long trip to go home tomorrow.. 🙂 Hm.. I miss my little family.. I’m looking forward to seeing them soon.. :'(

Good bye Thailand, see you..
La jeu gan, Thailand… Pob gan mai na… 🙂

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