My 2nd day.. in Thailand!

Howdy!! This is my 2nd day in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, and I got my condition quite weak…

In the second day, there would be many activities we have to do. We had to gather with partners to collaborate and made site plan about the subject and activities we were gonna do for 3 months.

Opening the session, Ms Finita played some quizzes. Some participants guessed some pictures and they got a prize. Sharing kinds of technology available in our school, types of online collaboration, and the problem might occurred of integrated technology in our classroom and students responses, made us know the technology applied in both school partners, Indonesia- Thailand.

Making a mind map and timeline of collaboration activities was the next agenda, and we spent almost our time creating a timeline based on available framework (on paper).

Then, we put it on the wall and other participants should give it comments, feedback or suggestions on sticky notes.

Uploading a mind map to virtual class (Edmodo) after breaking time, was ending this session of 2th day.

Well.. The committee wouldn’t let us getting too serious this day, so we scheduled to go to save one night market after that session. Hanging up with my friends, Ms Lasti’ah (SMKN 1 Jombang) and Manit Kanchanapa (Surin College) refreshed our mind completely. Even so, the committee had never forgot to give us any homework to get our mind keep thinking… hm..

But that’s okay. We love to do that.

Save on night market is the biggest market in Nakhon Ratchasima. it’s like a traditional market in Indonesia. it sold any stuffs such as t-shirt, trousers, shoes, food, etc. I bought some t-shirt Thailand labelled.

We got in the hotel at 9 pm tired..and having a shower, praying and going bed would be the best choice.

See ya.. 🙂

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