Juara I Microsoft Sway 21st Century Learning Design 2015

As I wrote on my previous post (Finally.. I got it!) that I’d follow this competition! And now I’m here at Sampoerna University Jakarta, to be one of the 10 finalist of Microsoft Sway competition.

The 10 finalists and the judges

Microsoft sway competition is a competition that held by Sampoerna University supported by Microsoft. A sway competition has a purpose to introduce a new product of Microsoft to us, the teachers. Using a Sway we can combine text and learning media as a presentable website. For making this product we just create it online through the Sway website.

Truly, it is so simple to use this application. ‘Cause it doesn’t have a complicated feature. We only need to drag or tap any kind of contents that we want to insert to the cards. That’s it..

A card in sway means a slide/stage where the contents placed. We can create a new card by clicking plus (+) and select the content’s type, or we can directly import our existing PowerPoint presentation to sway using a simple way. Yeah.. a simple way! Hm.. Perhaps a Sway means a Simple Way!

Because of its simplicity.. ha..ha.. That’s my guess.. 🙂

My sway on paper

For this competition, we have to create our own sway that contains our 21th century learning activity, including knowledge building and critical thinking, collaboration, communication, ICT for learning, problem solving and innovation.

Honestly, this is my first experience using this content, so it is absolutely a new thing for me. I do trial and error for making this sway project, especially for the content. I have to collect many materials including pictures and videos supported this learning activity. Fortunately, my students help me doing it well by taking the pictures and recording my learning activities.

My first sway titles “Don’t waste your waste” inspired by a bunch of electronic waste in electronic workshop of SMKN 3 Jombang.  These electronic waste, such as monitor, cpu, keyboard, utp cable, mouse and so on increase every day and they are not used any more. So, I think that it will be useful when we do something like reusing or recycling it.

First thing that I have to do is grouping the students to collect the electronic waste. Then, they find the way to recycle it or make some creativity by browsing through Youtube.com. When they find it, they have to do the same thing or even better than displayed on the video. They must record their activity doing this recycle also. And..they did it very well.. 😀

At least 2 weeks, I planned and did this learning activity. Afterwards,  I have to present my all learning activity using a sway, describing a background, learning objectives, defining learning tools and instructional approach related to 21th century learning. Hm.. I think it’s the hardest thing to do while doing this project.

You know.. the sway simplicity makes me difficult to improve my idea! This application does not provide any animation tools or even allow us to insert an animation file such as SWF etc. So, I have to customize my sway as good as I can.. using this limited tool. The other way that I can do is making an animation using .gif file because the sway only can run an animation using this file type.

By trial and error for making this sway, finally I did it.. and it’s ready to send for the competition! I just need to send the sway URL for this competition.

And.. it’s unbelievable that I’m being one of the 10 finalists that must present my product! You know, the 10 finalist are the ones that have many experiences on information technology. Most of them were the winners of Microsoft competitions last year and now they are being a Microsoft Trainers. But I’m the new one.. This is my first time joining a Microsoft competition. So, for me it’s impossible to win this competition.

The winners

But.. The God says different! My 21th learning activity on sway is being the best learning activity and design. Followed by Pak Andri Pradana from Ponorogo, Pak Estu Pitarto and Fathur Rohman from Kalimantan. Thank you, Allah..

This is my first sway and experience to be part of Microsoft competition and it will be my best experience joining the microsoft event. Hope, I can join in other microsoft events, for training or competition.

Here is my sway..

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