Meet and Greet The Indonesian Teacher Bloggers #1

Starting my journey as blogger in the middle of March, I was going to Jakarta for attending “Kopdar Akbar Guru Blogger Nasional” program.
It was the 1st meeting and also the 1st anniversary of KSGN (Komunitas Sejuta Guru Ngeblog), that’s held on Sunday, 15th of March 2015 at Indosat building, Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat 21, Central Jakarta.

Recently, there are so many teachers that have and use a blog/website for their learning process. And Wijaya Kusumah (Om Jay) has an idea to gather them in a facebook group, named “Komunitas Sejuta Guru Ngeblog”.

Now, at its 1st year, more than 12,500 teachers have joined this group. So, by this program, that would be a great opportunity for us to be acquainted with each other, share our blogging experiences, and so on when we were just keeping in touch through online, all this time 🙂

So, by Bangunkarta train, on Friday, I was heading to Gambir station accompanied by Ms Neny Else from SMAN 2 Surabaya and Mr Subakri from SDN Jambekumbu 01, Lumajang, East Java.

Actually, Om Jay, as a founder of KSGN invited me and Pak Subakri to be one of speakers on this program.

Ms Neny and I @Bangunkarta train

On Saturday, at about 03.15 am, we landed in Gambir Station! Om Jay and Pak Yulief (one of committe) were ready taking us to get into the Edotel of SMKN 27 Jakarta.

left to right: Om Jay, Ms Neny, Me, Subakri and Yulief

After taking a rest for a minute.. They took us around Jakarta, visiting Monas, Pasar Baru, Istiqlal Mosque and Mangga Dua.


That’s a beautiful experience – especially for Bu Neny Else.. 🙂 – ’cause we could spend our much time to shop some clothes and accessories.. 😀

Ms Neny and I at Pasar Baru, Jakarta

@Istiqlal Mosque

Left to right: Bhayu, Subakri, Om Jay, Neny and Me



@Mangga Dua

Time goes so fast and we have to check in to the MaxOne Hotel, a hotel located in Sabang Jakarta, where we would stay through the night.

Many thanks to Om Jay, Pak Bhayu and Pak Yulief for taking us around Jakardah..ha..ha..:D

Next.. My 2nd day in Jakarta

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