Office365 In Mataram

Here I am.. in Mataram! This is my first time having some activities outside Java Island and to be here is so much exciting moment. I spend my three days here to be a Microsoft Trainer with Ari Sumarsono, Andri Pradhana and Neny Else. We are going to conduct “Teaching With Technology” workshop followed by about 100 teachers surrounding Mataram.

Mataram is the capital of West Nusa Tenggara (Indonesian: Nusa Tenggara Barat – NTB) that is located on the western side of the island of Lombok, Indonesia. It is about an hour (35 km) from Lombok International Airport to Mataram City with only Rp. 15.000 by Damri Bus. We stay in “City Hotel” lies in center of Mataram city, but the training program is conducted in LPMP NTB office.

Now we are introducing the teachers to Office365, including Onedrive, PowerPoint online, Word online, Excel survey, Sway, etc. And to my surprise.. no one knows about it yet! So, to deliver it will be our job 😛

Handling this program with so many people is troubled. We get problem on crowded classroom, internet connection and equipment. So, we split the class in to 2 groups, Neny else’s group and mine with each group is about 50 teachers. Then, we started the classes by introducing to office 365 and create some new accounts for the participants.

By using their new office 365 account, they start exploring  office 365 features including Mail, Excel Online, Word Online, OneNote and Sway. Pak Ari Sumarsono guides them to make a survey using Excel Online for quiz and I myself engage them to use Sway for their modern presentation.

Sway is a new way for creating a great online presentation and reports for us. We are also able to get collaboration doing the presentation/reports. In my experiences, my students are exciting using it and creating their assignment reports easily. See my previous notes Finally, I got it and OneNote for All.

To be in Lombok island, we may not miss to shop some accessories like some pearls for gift. Yeah, Lombok Island has been famous world wide as one of the best pearl producers. We can find handicraft center in one location. The most popular is Sekarbella. We can get to it in 30 minutes by personal car or motorbike from Mataram city.

In Sekarbella we can find various kinds of shiny pearls displayed. Many jewelry craftsmen of pearl, gold and silver are live. They are modified into beautiful bracelet, necklace and earring!! We just select which one we like and get it home.. as I do  😉

We also visit Sengigi beach to see the sunset. Sengigi beach is one of the exotic beach in Lombok. it has  a fascinating natural view with its white sand. When we reach it, we will feel strong natural atmosphere, the wind flow and the crashing waves combines a really great view. Of course, it really spoils my eyes to enjoy it!!

Well, I can stop talking about the beautiful Lombok island and you will feel the same when you get there. 3 days will be great experiences to enjoy this island while we’re disseminating our office 365 knowledge to others. Hope.. someday I will be here anymore for spreading my experiences using IT for learning.

See you in my next trip 😀

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