Creating Video Using Office Mix

This post will remind you of my post a few years ago about how to make a learning tool based on video using Wirecast (See Wirecast : E-Learning Berbasis Video Streaming). Now, we can create learning video from our PowerPoints using Office Mix easier than using Wirecast.

Office Mix is a PowerPoint add-ins that allows us to turn our PowerPoints into interactive online lessons or presentations and share them to the students through OneNote or other learning management system such as Moodle, Edmodo, Quipper school etc.

To get started with Office Mix, we have to download and install it on PC that running PowerPoint 2013 or higher. Then, we can find installed Mix in our PowerPoint menu bar and it’s ready to be used.


With Office Mix, we can add audio and video narration, real-time digital inking, screen recordings that show actions we take on our computer, Quizzes and polls, Simulations, videos, and live web pages on our existing Presentations. All that things we can do as easy as we created our basic presentation.

I myself engage my students to create a video using office mix to show their understanding about the lesson they learn and report their project. Here are two of the videos:

Making the video using office mix gives them many experiences to speak in front of web camera while they’re operating their presentation. It would be a hard thing for them, but it’s so interesting..

After creating the mix, we can upload and publish it to the web and decide who can view it.

Anyone can watch it in any web browser on any devices and Office Mix will show us the data about who watched our mix, how much time they spent on each slide, and how they answered our quiz and poll questions (if quiz is included). You can also export that data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis. That would be a great thing, right? We just can be a famous teacher through this site cause everyone can see our mix! ha..ha..

Yeah, with Office Mix, creating an interactive video using powerpoint is easier. So.. you should try it!! 😉


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