Wasting time….

I thought that Jakarta would be on traffic jams today. So I left my room and got in to the taxi to Soekarno Hatta airport early. But, it was not. The traffic was very quiet and clear, so I could arrive in the airport faster than I thought.

My flight will take off at 07.45 am for Surabaya. Hope I could check in before its time, but I was not allowed. I had to wait until 7 am.

Waiting time made me feel sleepy and hungry. I couldn’t bear to close my eyes. it’s too heavy to be opened. My stomatch sounds and needs to be filled. Fortunately, I have some snacks that I kept it from my dinner last night.. 🙂 It’s enough, but I still can’t stand to close my eyes. May be blogging can keep my sleepy away.

Passengers calling by airline operators always makes me worried. But ’till now I’m not called yet. It’s 6.40 am. May be 20 minutes more.. be patient!

Honestly, I prefer Citilink to Garuda. Well, Garuda Indonesia is the 20 Best Airlines in the world’ according to Business Insider. But it takes a long time for landing to stop in airbus terminal. it always runs around the airport. It’s different than Citilink. It’s faster and on time. Citilink will be my best airplane, I think…

Now, It’s my turn to check in…………. **happy**
Soetta, 9th June at 06.58 am.

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