Today is my husband’s birthday (8th of June).. but I can’t stay and spend my time with him. Honestly.. so sorry for that, but I have no choice. We have already discussed it, and we’ve agreed to celebrate it another time, after I got home. Never forget to say “happy birthday and pray for him”

Now, I’m in Jakarta (Santika Hotel) for an important meeting with SEAMOLEC team and other experts to create some assessments for teacher’s sertification test. This meeting is continuation of our last meeting, it’s all about “SIMULASI DIGITAL”
InsyaAllah, This program will be end tonight and tomorrow I can leave this hotel and going to campus for attending the lecture. Afternoon I’ll be in Jombang…and…see my family! I can’t wait…

To celebrate our birthday, we always spend the night for having dinner with our beloved daughter and son in small food court in my city, Jombang. Actually, it shouldn’t be too expensive or lux restaurant.. but a comfortable one.

Moreover… Last year, we celebrate my husband’s birthday lately, on July, exactly on my son’s birthday (25th of July).. he..he.
Of was late, but, it’s OK. Keep doing it together would be the most important thing 🙂

Welcoming the holiday, we also have planned to go to Malang or Yogjakarta. Cecil and Galang have noted some places that they wanted to visit, such as Batu Night Square (BNS), Jatim Park, and so on…hm. Really, we already had visited Jatim Park 2 many times, but never been in BNS.

But we still haven’t decided yet what date it will be.. Well…We’ll talk about it later.. 😀